Preserve What Matters Most to You

Our comprehensive presentation is designed to help you better understand estate planning strategies and how assets are transferred to heirs. You’ll also learn about common oversights that can dramatically impact your estate. Inform yourself by attending one of our complimentary workshops.

Who needs estate planning?

Everyone, but especially people ages 50 and up, and people concerned with leaving a legacy for their families.

What estate planning documents do I need?

We’ll help you with that during our course; our goal is to give you comprehensive information on everything you need to know about estate planning. 

Why is estate planning important?

No one likes to think about estate planning, because no one wants to think about dying—however, most people want to leave a legacy for their families.

Do you know how to keep your assets out of probate, reduce tax-exposure* and have a plan to ensure your heirs retain your assets? Join us at an upcoming workshop where we'll cover:

  • Options for avoiding court interference with your affairs. 
  • Reducing tax exposure when transferring assets to heirs.* 
  • Strategies for transferring assets without probate.  
  • Protecting your assets against potential risks such as children's debt, divorce and disability.  
  • Identifying the documents needed to protect your estate.  
  • Understanding the difference between a will and trust. 
  • Establishing a power of attorney and why it could be important.  
  • Strategies to help protect heirs from blowing their inheritance.  
  • Navigating Medicaid benefits.  
  • Different approaches to maximize your children’s inheritance.  
  • Leveraging dollars for planned giving.  
  • Developing a plan to pay for nursing home expenses if needed while in retirement.  
  • And much more!